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Thursday, 16 December 2010 18:47

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SuperVote for Joomla released!

Dear friends! I'm glad to announce that I have finished working on plugin SuperVote for Joomla 1.5. SuperVote allows you to add voting panel to the articles of your Joomla site. The main features of the plugin:
  • Enable/disable voting for guests
  • Top/bottom alignment of voting panel relative to the article text
  • Supports two special icons - "HOT" and "POPULAR". The text of icons is customizable.
  • Supports color themes for various designs (black, white, darkblue, darkred and others)
  • Written using jQuery & AJAX, so the page is not reloaded while user is voting.

Plugin is available via this link

I hope that SuperVote will help you to make your site even more pretty. Many interesting features are already planned in the next release:

  • Minimized/Standard view of panel.
  • Exclude separate articles, sections or categories by ID. Voting panel will be disabled for them.
  • "Stars" image. The user can enable/disable the graphical representation of rating with "stars" image & customize the position of the image within the voting panel.

That's all for now. Your comments and proposals are welcome! You can send them in the details page of the plugin.

Attention! The link to plugin has been recently updated! Sorry for broken link and many thanks to the person, who informed us about the broken link!

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